Monthly Archives: February 2006

Blackhat not-to-do list

There was a thread  in the syndk8 forums discussing the footprints some less eperienced black hat SEOs are likely to leave behind when producing their sites. The thread was much brader than this post as it went into discussing the …

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Google pages overload

Well after reading for the umptieth time on an umptieth blog about Google Pages, I thought I’d go and make me one, just for the heck of it. And what do I see at their login page but this: Due …

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Technorati turns into an online newsreader – sorta

Today I went to Technorati to search for something and noticed a new interface tweak – apart from the recently introduced authority filter, Technorati now offers you to search in either all blogs or your favourite blogs. To use this …

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Eejit email spammers

I got a spam email today. Its title looked scary at first glance, all this stuff about PayPal and warning notifications, ya know… But I know better than that so I looked at the full headers and what do I …

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Black hat SEO tool reviews

I have been approached by a number of people asking me if I can “spread the word” about their tools if they offer them to me for free. This issue is especially itchy for those tool developers since spam advertising …

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Comments fixed

Just to let everybody interested know – my infamous comments have been finally fixed – so if you feel like interacting feel free to comment spam this blog leave your intelligent feedback 😉

Matt Cutts’ way of fighting comment spam

Had a look at Matt Cutts’ blog today and noticed something I haven’t seen there before: he changed the default WordPress text that goes before the comment form to this: Leave a Comment (unless you are a spammer 😉 I …

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New Google feature? Special treatment for SEO Chat?

This post by Graywolf made me notice something interesting going on in Google. If it is a new feature it’s a very subtle way to implement it – nobody knows what’s going on if you just stumble into it one …

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Google cloaking – why can’t we?

Nadir reports on his blog of an article on ZDNet about Google headhunting for Stanford grads. When the Google home page is loaded from a Stanford IP Google serves up an ad offering people to work for them. And you …

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Gmail goes down, Yahoo displays favicons

I did some Google hacking this morning. Gmail seemed to have some problems, it wasn’t really down but their server kinda slowed down. I went to check if anybody else has noticed that and came across a load of posts …

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