Monthly Archives: March 2007

Google’s New Personalized Feature in the SERPs

Google has come up with something new I haven’t seen up to now. Recently, they have started displaying the last time you’ve visited a page showing in the SERPs and the total number of visits if you visited it more …

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Subdomains or Subfolders – What’s Better?

Recently, I was asked a question: What is better to use – subdomains or subfolders? And when an authority domain comes into play, how does it affect my choice? Sometimes there is lack of understanding here so I decided to …

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My Buddy Is Referrer Spamming Me! :-)

Entry Page: Number of Entries: 25 Entry Page Time: 3rd March 2007 08:21:29 Visit Length: 5 hours 18 mins 25 secs (!) Referring URL: Paul what you been doing on my site for so long??? And if you’re …

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