Private One-on-One GSA Training

Have you ever wondered if there’s more to know about GSA Search Engine Ranker than meets the eye? The software is pretty user friendly so the barrier to entry is low, but because it seems so simple and straightforward and appears to do most of your job for you it also means its more advanced features often get overlooked and majority of users only have a very basic idea of what can be done with it.

Would you like to run GSA like a pro and benefit from it when everybody else is complaining about it seemingly not working any longer? Would you like to learn how to avoid typical footprints making your link spam really easy to follow (and out, and devalue)? Would you like to be a true blackhat spammer rather than a script kiddie?

Of course there are instructional videos an courses available out there, both paid and free. But consider these facts:
1. A new version of GSA is being released every few days. Most videos and courses available online date back to 2013 – the interface has changed A LOT since then, cool new features got added making GSA even more powerful, while some older features have become deprecated
2. A lot of the existing courses and videos are very basic and only cover the most obvious functionality
3. All these courses and videos do not take into consideration your experience, your needs and your learning curve

What I offer is a private, one-on-one training. I will teach you exactly what you need to know without wasting your time on what you already know or what you will never use. I am a long term user of GSA SER who uses it every day so you will only be trained based on the most current version – no outdated info or old interfaces.

However, because I am not a guru whose main income comes from teaching or selling courses, I am a practitioner and have my own projects and SEO clients to attend to, I only have slots for 2 persons per month. Typically people hire me for a course of 10 hours of training but you can buy as many hours of training as you need, at the rate of £200 per hour.

To celebrate this announcement, I offer an introductory price of £1,500 for 10 hours of training till April 30.

If you are interested please contact me at info [at] irishwonder [dot] com to discuss your needs and book your training.

Software and Tools

In case you do not own GSA Search Engine Ranker, you can get it by following this link.