About IrishWonder

IrishWonder’s first encounter with SEO happened in 2000, shortly after he learned web design, just because the employer has asked him to “submit a site to the search engines”. It was all white as snow in the beginning but then he gradually made his way to the dark side, overcoming the stereotypes and embracing the knowledge. Presently, IrishWonder is a moderator at Syndk8 black hat SEO forums.

IrishWonder believes in using the right tools for the job rather than sticking to whatever ideology. He works with purely whitehat sites as well as grey and blackhat, achieving success in every niche he approaches. To IrishWonder, SEO is a constant learning process that you can never get bored with as every day brings something new.

IrishWonder is available for speaking engagements, training sessions, consulting and guest posting – to contact email info [at] irishwonder dot com

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