Monthly Archives: February 2013

How Does the Casino Bonus Spam Work?

Note: just like the previous one, this is not an outing post and is only intended to study the mechanisms of how things work in Google rather than out specific techniques (which, btw, have likely been already burnt by this …

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Comment Spam Working Like a Charm for Local SERPs

This is not an outing post so I’m not naming any names or domains, it’s just a quick case study into what works these days for some SERPs. The whole SEO industry has been sweating over penalties for advertorials and …

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You Can Stick Your Link Removal Request Up Your Arse

Getting link removal requests has been nothing new for the last 9 months but it’s not every day that you would see somebody as clueless as this sending them out. This just hit my inbox: Attention Site Owner – Several …

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