Monthly Archives: May 2008

Google Crawling Speed and Search Query Popularity

Last night I have been researching something and came across some weird stuff in Google. A lot has been said already about Google updating the SERPs more often for the more competitive markets (e.g. “buy viagra” and such) but I …

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Quantcast Closes the Backdoor

You know why I used to love Quantcast, among other reasons? is a PR 6 authority domain, not very old (registered in 2005) but it gained popularity fast and has 1,480,000 pages indexed in Google. Until recently, you could …

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Google AdWords Scores Leaking – Why?

Last week, everybody was discussing Google’s leaked AdWords score values. I guess enough guesses were voiced already about what those values might mean so I wouldn’t bother posting about it if not for one thing. I believe one more question …

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