Monthly Archives: May 2010

Better Than HTML “text-indent: -9999px”

Maile Ohye of Google has posted on her personal blog about the infamous hidden text tricks, saying that If possible, it’s still best to avoid techniques such as “text-indent:-9999px” or “margin:-4000px” or “left:-2000em” Well of course Google doesn’t like it, …

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Viagra SERPs on Google Squared

What are Viagra SERPs? Viagra SERPs are the most compeititive search engine results frequently changing with many websites fiercely competing for the top spots. The most advanced and aggressive techniques are used by website owners to rank in the top …

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Google’s New SERPs Interface and Buy Viagra SERPs Revisited

I thought I’d check how Google’s new interface affects the buy viagra serps and did a post to cover them on my other blog. Have a look as there are a few interesting opportunities there for those who can see …

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