Monthly Archives: January 2006

Black Hat SEO Terminology Legitimized

Gray Wolf did an excellent post on Black Hat SEO terminology and what it translates to when the intent is to make it look more legitimate – a must read for those considering whiter kinds of activity. After all, so …

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Fixing comments in WordPress

So as some of you might have noticed, comments on this blog have been broken for a while now. I think Earl messed them up when messing with something on the server. Anyway, no matter what we tried to fix …

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Spamming SEO Generations – or exploiting “secondary linkbait”

Jim Boykin caught red handed!  And they call me a spammer…. With all the massive recent talk of linkbait a.k.a. link bait, one of the most successful ideas mentioned that helped us all in the SEO community kill some time …

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How to tell if you’ve been referrer spammed

For those who might not know: refferrer spamming is a black hat SEO technique used originally for obtaining links from the server logs of high PR sites whose owners were dumb enough to leave the access to their stats (normally …

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Statcounter update

My favourite Statcounter just came up with an update that saves me a few dozen clicks a day. You see, I have a ton of sites in my Statcounter projects list, and checking how many visitors ech one of them …

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Legitimizing keyword stuffing

There’s been a lot of talk recently about black hat SEO techniques making their way into white hat SEO practices – or at least commonly recognized white hat SEO going slightly gray – that it makes sense to take a …

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Watching your logs

Watching my logs is something I spend quite soem time doing. Seriously, if you want to get an idea what to write about, or see who linked to you, or get an idea how to increase your traffic, or get …

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Starting a consulting site

I have decided to start an SEO consulting services site. As you can see, there’s not much there for now but there is a blog already set up and running which I will use from now on for all my …

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I was wrong….

… and egoSurf actually does have a way of displaying a vanity logo on your own blog – here we go: Also, somehow the second time I ran that check it showed a higher result… Talk about tools’ credibility 😉

Ranking #1 for your own name

Randfish mentioned egosurf, a tool that calculates how much you are associated with your own blog/site/whatever. Well I just ran it for myself out of curiosity, and this is what it told me: ego points irishwonder 4810 On Yahoo …

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