Monthly Archives: June 2008

Your Ads Are Busted!

Recently, I got approached by SEOQuake developers (of SEODigger fame) who let me know about their new tool called AdsSpy. AdsSpy is a tool that does the opposite of SpyFu – if SpyFu lets you see “inside” AdWords and who …

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Tramadol Dogs Update

You may remember a post I did about tramadol for dogs and spam associated with it a while ago. Well so, recently I noticed in my stats that I am getting referrals from Google searches for related terms, e.g. this …

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Blackhat Newbie Bootcamp

The news has reached me that Bompa, a.k.a. the newbie babysitter of Syndk8, has started a Blackhat SEO Bootcamp – basically, a standalone version of his newbie babysitting at Syndk8. Who is it good for? Clearly, newbies. Those same newbies …

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