Tramadol Dogs Update

You may remember a post I did about tramadol for dogs and spam associated with it a while ago. Well so, recently I noticed in my stats that I am getting referrals from Google searches for related terms, e.g. this one. I checked and well, it appears that out of over 23,000 results in I rank #5… Do you think I should start selling tramadol in special packages for dogs exclusively on here yet? 😀

As for other stuff people are trying to sell in these SERPs, one has striken me as particularly funny:

Click here to GET tramadol dogs side effects. Save your $$$. FREE delivery: tramadol dogs side effects.

Ah, the clueless newbie scraper builders! 😀 I am still of the opinion that no matter how large my keyword lists are, I need to have at least a quick look at them before I run them through the site generating software (that is, if I don’t have a nice intelligent filter to do that 🙂 ) – or else, this is what you get.

On the second thought, Google could build a list of such meaningless keywords and hammer down scrapers using these patterns – that is, if they are not doing it yet.

Talking of keywords, watch this space (which is my other, whitehat blog if you are not familiar with it yet) for a nice long keyword research article that I am going to post there soon.




    Thanks for the TramaDog update!

    Yes, I think you should start marketing for this, BUT, make
    it a herbal tramadol alternative. 🙂

    People love spending money on their dogs.


  2. LMAO yea Bomps I got like a couple thousand more tramadol spam trackbacks and comments after that post. Herbal tramadol sounds interesting – will talk about it to you on IM later. As for people liking to spend money on their dogs – you bet, I know how much I spend myself on my cat 😀