Monthly Archives: December 2005

Forum spamming for eejits

It’s been a slow week with the holidays and all but I’m slowly geting back to posting. I have just posted some forum spamming tips at – enjoy and hopefully soon I’ll get to posting something useful here as …

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Case Study: Aaron Wall’s Network

These days it seems like everybody is busy intrviewing Matt Cutts so I thought I’d do soemthing different for a change – a case study. This one isn’t quite as popular as interviews, maybe because the previous attempt by Quadszilla …

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Why it is difficult to write about black hat SEO

Well, the reasons are evident and everybody writing about SEO/practicing SEO in their right mind understands this. Reveal too much and you get: 1. A shitload of competition doing the same and rendering your trick useless for you. 2. Excessive …

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Google acting up again

Tried to do some “inurl:” search on Google just now and got the “We’re sorry…” message from Google despite the fact that I haven’t run any mass automated requests from this IP for ages. Just to make sure, tried searching …

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Gmail adds a news scroller

Logged into my Gmail box today and noticed something new – a line on top of the message list showing syndicated news headlines. Google calls them “Web Clips” and they can be customized through your mail settings menu. There is …

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Why we had to clean up the syndk8 forums

Recently, we had to ban a number of users from accessing the syndk8 forums. While this might seem as tough measure it had to be done for the following reasons. There were at least two people who were just using …

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Intelligent Comment Spam

If only those spamming this blog ever read it. They could have been more effective (not necessarily here but in most other places). Some time ago I came across this post in Aaron Wall’s SEO Bookblog pointing at this thread …

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AdSense Firefox ads available outside US

Just checked my AdSense account and noticed that I can now use Firefox ads as well. previously, they were only available with the Adsense accounts registered by Americans.

Gmail invites

I might be getting slightly paranoid over it and maybe some will say this is not even worth worrying about. But doing black hat SEO you’re better off being paranoid where there’s no real danger than missing something and getting …

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Offline browsers

Offline browsers have been my favourite toy recently. The possibilities you have with them are truly unlimited (well, limited by the peculiarities of the particular tool you use – and no I’m not gonna call any names here, after all …

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