Monthly Archives: August 2005

Folks at Blogger are afraid of public opinion

Yes they are. How do I know? – They still haven’t put the flag button on their blog! If they did, they would have probably gotten a record number of hits on it 🙂 Meanwhile, they go on explaining what …

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An idea of anti-“flag” campaign?

Found this on this blog and loved it: …It might be quite humorous if a ton of bloggers marked the Blogger buzz page as offensive. I’m not saying you should go do that, because you can think for yourself. But, …

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More Blogger Flag thoughts

I repost here the comment I have made on this blog as the original post made me think of more facets to this story and I think this is really important as well: As I see it, it will only …

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An update: more about Blogger flag

This is kind of a follow-up to the previous post. I have researched the issue of Bloggr’s new “flag” button a bit deeper and this is what I’ve found out. First of all, although formally Blogger is owned by Google …

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Blogger takes the lazy option on spam blogs: new “flag” option

Came across this post on Google’s new policy regarding Blogger blogs: …the folks over at Google have announced a half-arsed effort to appease recent critics of their inaction over spam blogs by launching a new option for Blogspot blogs titled …

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My counter is back on!

Happy days, Earl has finally found a minute to repair my counter for this blog! Now I will be able to know just how popular this place really is 😉 Thanks Earl and your health! 🙂

Firefox issues

I have finally uninstalled Firefox 1.0.6. It was crashing a few times a day, sometimes as often as every 5 minutes. Went back to the previous version I had – at least it’s more stable. The reason I first installed …

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Getting indexed by Google through a personalized Google home page?

This looks very much like the same feature in yahoo. Infact, I’ ebeen waiting for it for a long time now and expected it would be done. Google’s home page can now be modified pretty much like My Yahoo. Saw …

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Testing a new BH program

I am currently testing a new very helpful program. I cannot disclose much information about it yet but this program (or rather, a collection of scripts interacting together) is designed to increase the number of backlinks to the site. When …

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Blogger keeps cancelling blogs

As of yesterday, Blogger has cancelled one more blog I had there. I got a very unpleasant surprise when I logged onto my acount only to see no blog displayed on my Dashboard. What’s interesting is the blog is still …

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