Comment Spam Working Like a Charm for Local SERPs

This is not an outing post so I’m not naming any names or domains, it’s just a quick case study into what works these days for some SERPs.

The whole SEO industry has been sweating over penalties for advertorials and blogger outreach campaigns recently – yet, in the local SERPs comment spam fuelled EMDs still rule. As expected.

Got some comment spam the other day for an EMD domain with a plumber-related anchor text (so not your typical everyday viagra or payday loan spam) and it made me curious enough to spend a few minutes digging into the spammer’s activities.

It turns out they have essentially run the tools a couple times:

domains-comment-spam backlinks-comment-spam

And the quality of the links is as low as can possibly be:

Yet, they did keep the evil Penguin in mind and sprinkled their anchor texts with some generic ones:

The freakingly even percentage distribution does give them away of course, though.

But nevermind, the tactics do bring their results and the traffic starts rolling in, pretty fast since the start of their spam campaign:

They are not on the first page for any of their targeted keywords yet but looks like they are getting there. In local SERPs, things like this pass easily.

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