Gmail goes down, Yahoo displays favicons

I did some Google hacking this morning. Gmail seemed to have some problems, it wasn’t really down but their server kinda slowed down. I went to check if anybody else has noticed that and came across a load of posts from a year ago with people reporting Gmail problems and blaming the beta for instability. Well, since regular google search doesn’t report anything recent (despite the huge number of blog posts in the results) I thought I’d check the blog search on Google. Results sorted by relevance didn’t appear to be recent, and results sorted by date had a lot of mentions of Gmail but nothing about it going down. However, what caught my eye is the abundance of gmail addresses posted out there for any email spammer to pick… when will they learn? Until they do, Gmail will be kept very busy filtering out all the spam and mass mailing stuff.

As for recent Yahoo news, I just noticed that My Yahoo  started displaying favicons for the RSS feeds you place on it. Not major news of course but we have seen a lot of buzz about other interface tweaks (2, 3, 4, 5)recently so why not post about this one. (In case you’re wondering why I call the big Technorati news about the authority filter an interface tweak – well, if you haven’t noticed they actually had that implemented in a slightly different form already – they only came up with a new interface element. Before, you could simply sort the results of your Technorati blog search by authority – sure it stil displayed them all and only changed the order – but that was actually the first step towards what’s big news today).


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