My Reply to Google’s Updates

Did this a while ago (right after G hit us with 3 updates in 10 days – all those Panda refreshes, Penguin refreshes, EMD…) but thought I’d post it here now.

The effect that Google often reaches with all these updates is the one where all the spammers honest SEOs start contemplating the SERPs and the impact each update has had on them and sometimes speculating too much and over-analyzing stuff.. Surely helps to draw their attention away from spamming the SERPs. I admit I’ve been guilty of it myself after the first Penguin and did lose a shitload of opportunities. But when I’ve seen this shit happening it was like they let a kid play with the shiny switches – pull it here, then back there, then turn this a bit… one update rolling back or undermining the other, like nobody knows there any more what the heck they are doing or what they are trying to achieve. Truth be told, with the algo being as complex as it is now, incorporating so many different, often opposite signals at a time, I don’t think there is a single live person in Google any more being able to predict what results any given update will bring.

No more getting into analysis paralysis. As Google gets more complex/clueless we should get more devious. So here is my reply:

Heck, I should probably start selling merchandise with this.

UPDATE: I have started selling merchandise, here is the shop. Feel free to grab your very own spammer T-shirt.

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