G-Man Is Gone :-(

Found out today that Geoffrey Faivre-MalloyBlack Hat better known in the SEO community as G-Man has passed away 🙁 Here is the obituary.

G-Man was one of the most advanced people in the industry, capable of digging deep into the technicalities, finding hidden blackhat treasures like not many people are capable of today. He was always experimenting – Google (and maybe not only Google but the whole Internet) was his lab.

He was an active member of SEOChat in the old days when it wasn’t yet as lame as it is now and all the old-schoolers were hanging out there. He was on Threadwatch back before AWall bought it and then killed it. Later on, he posted a series of posts on different blackhat techniques on SEOMoz. He was one of the first moderators of Syndk8. He ran a blog of his own which he didn’t post on very often (at the time he started it he was already fighting the disease that ended up killing him) but every post was much waited for by those who k380px-black_ribbon_svg1new of this blog and often contained rare insights – rarely posted in plain English not to out all the secrets but for those in the know they were invaluable. In 2006 he was nominated as Best SEO Black Hat Blogger by Search Engine Journal.

Unfortunately G-Man’s blog is down but here is the web archive of it. Here are some other links to commemorate Geoffrey:

I believe there is also a special place in the hearts of many of us who met him, online and offline, where he will stay always and will be remembered.

RIP G-Man!

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