Of Tools and Hype

I have been doing a few tool reviews on this blog previously. This post can be seen as a sort of a tool review as well – although the main point is in reviewing approaches to marketing the tools rather than the tools themselves. After all, a tool is only worth as much as your creative approach to using it.

Recently, some people have been pitching a certain piece of software called G Sneak. Sure somebody is pitching something every day – but because I was interested in what’s going on in the tools market I thought I’d check it out. Now, their sales page is all hype and gives you no info whatsoever of what it is, or what it does, or what principle it uses. Just the hype. OK I thought, since they mention a moneyback guarantee what do I have to lose – and bought it.

I regretted it immediately. All their system is, is a control panel for a bunch of blogs should you wish to create them, where you enter all your details manually each time you make a blog, plus a few small additions such as a utility for sending the posts over to the blogs and the like. Before you buy they try 50 times to push down your throat bigger plans, or additional software from other vendors, etc. Their member area is loaded with very very basic newbie guides (such as how to buy a domain) and tons of ads of other tools/ebooks/make money online systems. Very lame. I could probably post a trick letting you buy their stuff for $29 instead of $37 but I do not advise buying it at all as it does virtually nothing you wouldn’t be able to do without it. Good thing they sell via Clickbank which facilitates the process of getting a refund.

On the other hand, there is SENuke. Same kind of a long long sales page – but you got everything you would want to see: screenshots, functionality description, videos showing the tool in action… Yet, the page is simple enough for a newbie to understand, too. Does it sell? – you bet it does. Does it deliver? – totally! You know what you will find inside, you know why you want this tool, and you know what to expect from it. Moreover, you even get to download a free trial version. (BTW I can’t wait to see the new version come out)

Again, the effectiveness of any tool depends on how you use it (don’t be a dumb spammer, in other words). But generally, a tool claiming to cover all the ins and outs of your online money making process should (1) have a sales page explaining how it is going to do that and (2) probably cost a bit more than $20-30 one-time fee.

Disclaimer: this post has no affiliate links although it probably should.

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