1&1 Free .biz Domains Reminder

Of course there’s nothing as good for a blackhat as a nice deal on bulk domain names – what can be better is a chance to grab a few domains for free (remember .be?) But if you own tons of domain names there comes a time when you can discover a huuuge invoice in your email box – when those free domains turn 1 year old and the registrar expects you to renew them. What’s even worse is if your credit card gets charged and only then do you discover this has happened!

For those of you who have benefitted from free .biz domains at 1&1 last year, here is a quick reminder: this is that time of the year, don’t forget to cancel all those used and banned or maybe even unused and forgotten about .biz domain names 😉


  1. Yeah, and good luck dropping domains from 1&1. They don’t just let you do it from a control panel or anything simple like that.