Proof That is a Separate Search Engine!

You think I’m mad? Lately I have seen so many weird things in that are way too different from that it would lead one to believe these are two separate search engines!

1. Why else would show ads for searches for something like Especially since they are ads for the same Sure UK googlers are greedier than their counterparts and they are trying to squeeze every penny out of the poor advertiser!

2. Why else would a search on for a bit of page content in quotes (=exact match) result in two results: “Nothing found for your search in quotes but here is a result for your search but without quotes”?

Anybody else seen any more inconsistencies between these two different Googles?


  1. One of my sites ranks extremely highly in and “ok” in .com…. there are no “marks” suggesting it is a UK only site and afaik the backlinks are from american sites… it is also a .com domain. any ideas why this may be happening?

  2. … and you host it where?