You Can Stick Google AdSense…

I’m not telling you where to stick it and it’s not even my idea – AdSense folks have come up with it themselves – go have a look to get the complete story. Pay the shipping and handling and stick it all you want 😀

Among other news, AdSense is experimenting with ads – I have noticed recently these arrows next to the AdSense ads on one of my sites that still has them:

Adsense Arrows

Other people have been reporting seeing these arrows since December 2007 and I have found explanations in Google AdSense forums that this was an experiment – well considering that there’s still no official word on it anywhere in AdSense it probably still is an experiment.


  1. It’s funny – they’re experimenting if there are people that actually want to see more ads that are being shown on the page 😉

    “oh dang, three blocks just arent enough, i need more ads!”