Google Kicks Some Bloggers in the Arse with PR Update

You wanted the PR update – you got it, or at least something like it. Many folks, however, are not happy with it. What’s interesting tho is that everything I see (after a quick scan) mentioned everywhere about sites affected by the PR downgrade, as they refer to it, concerns blogs and blogs alone. Some speculate about selling links and doing paid reviews, others speculate about networks being the new ultimate evil. Whatever – I can’t be arsed to analyze this shit, too busy making sites that are making me money so I’ll just agree with what Scott said here and here. Traffic is indeed the only thing that matters. This blog has not been affected. Neither has been one of my otehr blogs that has managed to survive 2 pagerank updates already while remaining PR0 and successfully accomplishing the task it exists for – i.e. making me money. So fuck you Darren Rowse, and fuck you John Chow, for whining about losing your Page Rank. Shoemoney doesn’t seem to care about it, oh and Loren Baker got it right as well.

Back to spamming, need to spam enough to buy me a new car – oh, and prolly spamming blogs whose rank has dropped in order to get your spam indexed is not such a good idea any more 🙂

UPDATE: Evidently at the time of posting this the PR update has not been finished yet – neither it is now it seems as people keep reporting fluctuations. This blog has shifted from PR4 to PR3, and the other blog got from PR0 to PR3 – not that I care much but still. I’ve yet to hear a sound theory as to what’s happened tho.

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