Google PageRank Speculations

Lately, there has appeared a number of articles speculating about whether or not Google is about to drop PR (we’re of course talking of toolbar Page Rank here). Of course we all know PR is just one of a huge number of other factors Google looks at when ranking sites, and it gets to play a smaller part in the ranking algo as time passes. Of course we also know that TBPR is just a joke to give silly webmasters something to talk about and the real pagerank is calculated by Google in real time dynamically and may have nothing to do with what we get to see in the toolbar.

Whether or not it will be buried by Google I personally have no idea and we may speculate here all we want but the facts speak for themselves:
1. Last time there was an update, it wasn’t like all the previous updates in the way that new sites that would have otherwise received at least PR2 have not received anything
2. If you look at any given top 10 of any SERPs you will notice very little corelation between the pages’ pagerank and their positions
3. It’s been a while since last PR update and it makes me wonder if there ever gonna be another one.
4. PR is soooo DP…… who talks about it these days except DP folks?

Back to work. Go ahead and talk some more about it if you wish. I know a couple of years ago when the PR on the tool bar went dead for a few days I could have pulled a nice and potentially profitable trick if only I was a bit faster and talked a bit less and acted a bit more organized.

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