Stolen Post – Attn: Thief

24 hours are up so I’m posting this here. This is an email I sent to the blog owner who has stolen one of my posts off this blog a while ago – since I could not reach them by Twitter or email now this becomes an open letter. The domain name is withheld so as not to promote the thieves’ site – but you know who you are and I know you are reading this. Oh, and I mean every word I say below.


I am contacting you as the contact listed in the whois info of zont*****.com. I have tried reaching the site owners via Twitter previously but never got any reply. If you are not the person responsible for the actual content of the site please forward this email to whoever is responsible.

On February 27th the following post has been published on zont*****.com: http://[url withheld]. the problem I have with it is that the post is nothing more than a slightly rewritten version of my post at I really dislike it when people try to look smarter at others’ expense. Evevrybody knows I came up with this originally, and you end up looking silly at best, and as a dishonest thief at worst. It was not a good idea trying to pass this content for your own in order to just pitch your affiliate links, especially since the actual technique used cannot really be repeated with SENuke (I am a long term user so I would know).

I urge you to take the post in question down within the next 48 hours. Failure to do so will result in me contacting your host with a formal DMCA complaint, which will result in your whole site being taken down. I have also contacted the SENuke team asking them to disable your affiliate account – if speedy action is taken by you as requested I will contact them asking to reverse that. Also, if I do not get any reply in 24 hours I will consider this email account dead and will post this as an open letter on my blog from which you have stolen the content as that would likely be the only way for me to have your attention.

Best regards,

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