Auto Share Your Google Reader Feeds

OK not explaining here in detail why you would want to do it – those smart enough will know themselves and the rest prolly don’t even need it.

There is a way to share the posts / updates of feeds you are subscribed to in Google reader without actually aving to click “Share” on each item you wnat to share. By default, your Shared items in Google reader are public – either open to everyone or just your friends, depeding on how you set it up. But to place an item into your shared items feed, you need to mrk it as shared manually. Now, what if you want a whole certain feed public by default?

First, you need to create a folder for the feeds you want shared. Then, go to your Google Reader settings, select the “Folders and Tags” tab, select you special folder and in the “Change sharing” dropdown select “Public”. That’s it, you’re done!

Now, use it wisely – don’t kill it for everyone.

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