I Suspect a Change in Google PR Calculation Principles

There’s something weird going on with the PR which I noticed after this recent update. I have a new (whitehat) site that was created between the two updates and it has been linked to quite a lot before the update but after the update it still has PR0. I thought I’d investigate it a bit and checked the site’s backlinks in Yahoo with SEO for Firefox plugin on so that I could see the pagerank of the pages showing up in my backlinks right away. Yahoo reported 181 backlinks with a couple PR4’s and even one PR5 in the top 10 of the backlinks list. OK I thought, I wonder how many of these are counted as backlinks by Google as I know for a fact some had nofollow on them. So I went to check Google’s link: command and only saw 3 backlinks – but even out of those, there was one PR2 page. I got curious and even went as far as added the site in question to Google Webmater Tools panel (it wasn’t there till then) and went ahead and downloaded the backlinks report. Well, Google shows over 400 links – any kind of PR. What’s a bit amusing there is that many of nofollow links come up there as well. But still regardless of all the PR I should have been getting from all those links (the ones without the nofollow, of course) what I have infact is PR0. Makes you wonder!

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