So Google Bought Feedburner, Now What?

As of June 1, it’s become official. Google bought Feedburner which has been announced here, here and even here. Other than the talk of the expanding Google empire and all that, you may say: so what?

Yea, so just what does this mean to a blackhat spammer like you and me?

Several things.

First. I’d speculate that if you are using blogs tied to Feedburner whatever you post in your blogs might end up getting indexed by Google even faster. Whether or not it will affect the speed of spam detection in those blogs, I guess it’s too early to speculate.

Second. If you are a blackhat spammer who still uses feeds from other people’s blogs for, um, syndication into your own sites (remember Really-Simple-Spamming?) you will probably want to stay as far away from Feedburner-powered feeds for your dirty deeds as never before. Provided Google’s left hand knows what its right hand is doing.

Like I said, the above are only my speculations – but don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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