Comment spammers

Comment spam automation tools definitely need more logic to run more effectively (or some brains in the heads of those using them). Firing them off to just post anywhere that seems to be supporting posting just doesn’t cut it. For example, trying to comment spam this blog will only be a waste of your time and consequently a waste of my time when I delete your comment spam. You won’t get any mercy here just because you are a fellow blackhat, especially if your intellectual abilities are so much below average thast you are trying to comment spam me. Every eejit can understand that if I am familiar with different black hat techniques I will also make efforts not to fall victim to those using them against me (makes sense doesn’t it?) Your comment spam just won’t make it through and will only remain a wasted effort on your part.

Attention comment spam scripts authors, from now on make it an industry standard to filter my blog out of your list of collected URLs if ti appears there by any chance. Heck, it can be even used as a marketing bonus if you sell your script to other people. Here’s even your free weekend marketing tip: on your site where you sell the script, put a banner saying “Our script does not attempt to comment spam IrishWonder’s blog! Spamming a Syndk8 mod is useless!”

Good luck, get coding now! the best script out there might end up getting reviewed by me here 😉

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