Adding links to my blog

I have been reading a good deal of other people’s blogs recently, and there are some blogs I tend to read regularly. Not all of them are necessarily Blackhat, many are just general SEO. In the meantime, I’ve been watching what those other people do with their blogs. I guess it’s time for me to make up a little collection of links to those blogs somewhere, not only as a recognition of my appreciation and interest but even for my own convenience – sometimes when using a computer other than my own and not having my bookmarks within reach it is quite a task to remember all the places to go to. Now, I’ve been wondering how I should go about it. Obviously, all the blogs that I read do it either by making a Blogroll of links in the sidebar or by having a page of links/resourses/whatever they call them linked to from the sidebar. Since having sitewide links is not cool any more, I guess I will opt for a separate page, but I’m still considering it.

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