Google’s next step to becoming the Big Brother

Well, Google is slowly pushing its users to unified accounts for all the services it offers. As Problogger reports, AdSense users are now asked to switch to using Google accounts – not like I would have noticed if not for this post as I use a gmail login anyway.

The general public’s most notable reaction is getting annoyed over having to re-login every time if you use several different accounts for different stuff. Well, it’s been a reality for me for a good while already as I had to use multiple accounts even for Gmail itself (isn’t it hard to believe there are still people who only use one 🙂 ). However, one solution I’ve come up with is logging into different accounts using different browsers (as in , Firefox for one account and IE for another one, and so on if you need to be logged into more at the same time). This solution of course has its limitations too, you can’t run an unlimited number of browsers on your computer as they will all add up to the CPU load…

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